Africa day. Cuba and Gambia (+VIDEO)

Congratulations Gambia for Africa Day

Banjul, May 24th. – The Embassy of Cuba in the Gambia and the health professionals of the Medical Brigade (CMB) of the Caribbean island who work here congratulate this sister nation, on the occasion of May 25th, Africa Day.

We take advantage of such an important date to highlight the historical ties of brotherhood and solidarity that unite our peoples and governments, which we will surely strengthen even more in the future to face together the difficult conditions that humanity is currently experiencing.

African blood runs through the veins of Cubans, and we will never pay the debt we owe to the Gambia and to this continent, always grateful, and together to the largest of the Antilles.

Despite the distance that separates us geographically, we consider that we are an island of this continent, and we reiterate that we will never abandon the sacred principle of solidarity instilled in us by the historic leader of our Revolution, Fidel Castro.

Embassy of Cuba in the Gambia

Cuban Medical Brigade in the Gambia