Congratulations from Cuba to Gambia

Banjul, May 18. – The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, H.E.Bruno Rodríguez Parrillas, sent a congratulatory message to his Gambian colleague, H.E.Mamadou Tangara, on the occasion of his recent ratification as Foreign Minister, coinciding with an important historical date for both sister countries.

This May 19, the Caribbean Island and this small West African nation will celebrate the 43rd Anniversary of the establishment of their diplomatic ties, which are currently described by their respective authorities as very positive, fraternal and supportive.

In his letter to Tangara, the Cuban head reiterates his will to continue strengthening the bonds of friendship and mutual cooperation, as his Gambian counterpart has also stated on numerous occasions.

For its part, the Cuba-Gambia Friendship Group (GACG) in the National Assembly of People’s Power (ANPP) of the largest of the Antilles sent another message of congratulations to the Gambia-Cuba Friendship Group (GAGC), recently reactivated after the start of a new term of Parliament here.

In the text, directed by the president of the CACG, Orlando Gutiérrez Boza, to his counterpart from the (GAGC), Madi M.K. Ceesay, it is emphasized that by commemorating the 43rd birthday of the establishment of bilateral relations «we reaffirm the commitment to continue working with the purpose of increasingly strengthening the ties of brotherhood and solidarity that unite our countries».