Heartfelt farewells in the Gambia to Cuban Health Titans

Banjul, March 15th. – A group of members of the Cuban Medical Brigade (BMC) in the Gambia who are completing their solidarity mission here were fired in the last hours as true Titans of the health of the dean Caribbean archipelago.

In an emotional act today, the doctors, graduates and technicians received recognition from the head of the BMC, Dr. Anaris Martha Odio, from the Cuban ambassador, Rubén G. Abelenda, and from their colleagues, for putting the name of the largest of the Antilles in this West African nation in the highest position.

You are true children of Antonio Maceo the Bronze Titan, and you have left innumerable footprints and memories in the Gambia, healing and saving lives in this brother country, Dr. Martha Odio Mosqueda and the diplomat from the Antillean island agreed to express.

The activity was an occasion to remember Maceo, a brave mulatto of African blood, who on a day like this March 15th, but in 1878, did not accept with his well-known Protest of Baraguá a peace conditioned by the Spanish colonialists to stop the 10 years war of independence on the island.

The meeting did not miss the always remembering of the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, the man who devised and created the medical brigades to provide health to all the peoples of the world, and particularly to the Africans.

But not only the members of the BMC who conclude their mission were stimulated by their compatriots, but also by their Gambian colleagues from the hospitals in Banjul and Kanifing located in the Gambian combo.

In also heartfelt events held on Monday, the Cuban professionals received recognition, admiration and gratitude from the directors, authorities and workers of both care centers.

They were two very moving days for those who will leave indelible traces of solidarity in this land, and tears in the eyes of many grateful, like a Gambian grandmother who, since she learned of the departure of her Cuban doctor, says her family has not stopped crying.