Gambians and Cubans, a combination of love and kindness for health and life

By Maria Ines Alvarez Garay (*)

The internationalist work of Cuban doctors in the Gambia and their joint and harmonious work with colleagues from this nation have achieved a perfect mix that reaps more successes every day in the triumphant battle to improve the health of our African brothers and sisters.

The leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz, on doctors, said: “The most important thing will have to be their total dedication to the most noble and humane of trades: saving lives and preserving health. More than doctors, they will be jealous guardians of the most precious of the human being; apostles and creators of a more humane world”.

This is how the health professionals of the largest of the Antilles are, consecrated, human and share their knowledge for the good of humanity.

In one of the most intricate regions of the Gambian geography, Bansang, we find Dr. Yonai Bonot Orozco, a specialist in otorhinolaryngology, who together with a team from both countries made up of the Gambian nurse Baboucarr Sawo, and the Cuban anesthetists, Lic. Midelis Antonia Areas Perez. and Lic. María Leonor Spengler Gómez performed a submaxillectomy with magnificent results.

It was performed on a 23-year-old patient who had been presenting an increase in volume in the upper left lateral region of the neck for more or less 5 years, mainly located in the submaxillary region.

He arrived at the Bansang hospital to be assisted in the  otolaryngology consultation, where he was examined and a tumor of the left submandibular gland was diagnosed. The complementary preoperative tests were performed and he was taken to the operating room for surgical intervention.

For the first time, this type of surgery was performed in this care center since the specialty of otorhinolaryngology had never before been available there.

Surgical intervention was performed satisfactorily without any complications.

72 hours after the operation, he was discharged with a positive evolution, he was followed up in the external consultation of the otorhinolaryngology service until his complete recovery.

The patient expressed his eternal gratitude and confidence in the medical assistance received.

This team of health guardians look at him proud and satisfied with the results obtained. A young man returned to his everyday life, healthy and happy.

Congratulations, heralds of life and health. Together you will achieve a better and more humane world. All for a healthy Africa.

(*) Professor and collaborator of the Cuban Medical Brigade in the Gambia