Caravan in the Gambia for Health, Life and against the US blockade of Cuba

Banjul, May 7th. – A Caravan for Health, Life and in rejection of the US blockade of Cuba was carried out this Saturday in the Gambia by friends of this West African nation, and members of the Medical Brigade (CMB) of the Caribbean island.

The solidarity action included a journey of about 40 kilometers, from this capital to the community of Pirang, where the doctors of the largest of the Antilles provided health care to around 400 inhabitants of that locality.

Upon their arrival, the caravanists were greeted by children, adults and the elderly, who thanked over and over again the presence of the health professionals of the oldest Caribbean archipelago.

Despite their dismay at the tragic accident that occurred on Friday at the Saratoga hotel in Havana, the members of the CMB took on their white coats to serve the brotherly people of the Gambia, the smallest country in Africa that has always stood by Cuba in the fight against the harsh blockade imposed by Washington.

This new humanitarian and solidarity gesture of the health workers of the island was sponsored by the organization Develop TheYouth Heritage Pirang, and supported by the Spanish Association Friends of the Gambia, which donated medicines to deliver to the patients treated.

Once again it was shown that solidarity unites peoples, and that those who are grateful will accompany each other eternally.