MEP calls for unity of action against blockade against Cuba in international media marathon

Paris, Apr 4 (Agencies) Spanish MEP Manu Pineda called this Sunday for global solidarity against the blockade that the United States imposes on Cuba, and urged to carry it out from unity, above particular visions and political colors.

We have to forget when we talk about solidarity with the island of the acronyms or logos of our organizations, and be clear that the objective is to support it, he stated in a media marathon convened by the Europe channel for Cuba to denounce and condemn for 24 uninterrupted hours. the economic, commercial and financial siege of Washington.

According to the member of the Left Group, the work against the US blockade will be stronger in the European Parliament, the UN or any other sphere if there is an active movement that presses and seeks alliances beyond its political environment.

If each one of us fights from the trench that touches us, we will be more effective and productive in this fight, he insisted.

Pineda denounced that Cuba must overcome a blockade of more than 60 years, which prevents it from accessing basic supplies for its population and trading under normal conditions.

Despite US policy and its impact, the island is committed to health, education and housing, and is at the forefront in some of these sectors, he stressed.

The MEP confirmed in the media marathon that another delegation of MEPs will travel to Cuba this month, which will be in solidarity activities planned around the celebrations for May 1, International Workers’ Day.

The Europa por Cuba channel hosted the media marathon over the weekend to denounce and condemn the US blockade against the island for 24 uninterrupted hours of broadcasts with voices from all continents.

Well-known traditional media, other alternative or smaller ones, youtubers, solidarity groups, political parties and international organizations participated in the initiative, with presentations interspersed by experts and personalities, who explained what the blockade is and its impact

The networks Telesur, HispanTV, Al Mayadeen and Cubavisión Internacional joined the important media event; the news agencies Prensa Latina, SANA and Sputnik, the Venezuelan National Assembly channel ANTV and stations such as La Radio del Sur, Radio Patagonia, Radio Rebelde and Radio Habana Cuba.

Progressive parties from various countries, intellectuals Fernando Buen Abad (Mexico) and Atilio Borón (Argentina), French parliamentarian Francois-Michel Lambert, and Argentine activists Stella Calloni and Hebe de Bonafini were also present at the initiative.

Among many others, the World Federation of Trade Unions, the Latin American Network of Solidarity with Cuba, the National and International Council of Popular Communication, the Pastors for Peace (United States) and the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front (FMLN) also participated from El Salvador.