USAID in Africa

By Williams Brown

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), famous for subverting order and overthrowing governments that are not well seen by the White House, apparently plans a new large-scale offensive in Africa with the purpose of controlling that continent, very disputed in the current global geopolitical war.

It is well known and has been denounced on countless occasions that this entity is an instrument that operates under the umbrella of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and disguises itself as «grandma» to hide its true face as a big bad wolf.

The millionaire figures of money with which he works are from the CIA and the Pentagon, and such monetary resources are used to «help» nations of the so-called third world dependent on foreign aid, and whose economies are severely damaged, today more than ever. , due to the ravages caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, and the effects of serious conflicts such as the one in Ukraine and Russia.

The aforementioned organization, also advertised as «humanitarian», delivers donations conditioned to the positions and behavior of the recipient countries in favor of US interests, and in the name of «Democracy Made in USA» deceives not very few who fall into its trap .

It is also «illustrious» for corrupting politicians and rulers, promising a lot, and giving little, in exchange for having the right to interfere in the internal affairs of the nations it supposedly helps.

Latin America knows very well the actions of that «poisonous octopus» that began to extend its tentacles at the beginning of this century through the Great Homeland to recover what Washington has always called its backyard, and used as a laboratory for its operations the most devastated and poor Haiti.

CIA and Pentagon advisers to President Joe Biden seem to intend to do the same with a new large-scale offensive in Africa, and they  have chosen to appoint openly declared ambassadors of USAID in several countries, with the aim of changing the correlation of forces in a region that is now considered of the future.

The African governments and peoples must remain attentive to the claims of the US in that continent, which they have always discriminated against and plundered, but where they now want to gain ground to displace, at whatever price is necessary, a very powerful China.

Preventing stability and good neighborliness, encouraging discrepancies, internal and subregional conflicts, are some of the methods applied by USAID to disunite, and take advantage of it for the benefit of its hegemonic interests.

A recent example of this was the disintegrated vote of the African nations in the United Nations General Assembly on a Resolution against Russia orchestrated by Washington, which very rarely, if ever, had happened at the New York headquarters of that international entity.

Be Careful Africa!