Heirs of a victorious Revolution

By María Inés Álvarez Garay (*)

[…] “I know that when a people is united like this and has faith and has men who are not going to betray it, it is an invincible people; and that nothing and nobody will be able to defeat the Revolution”. Fidel Castro

We have ended the year 2021 full of pain and sorrow for the pandemic that plagues humanity, but we have also faced many challenges and victories.

Today as heirs of a victorious Revolution that makes us proud, we feel committed to our own principles and convictions and we will continue to fight to defend the revolutionary conquests and the hopes for solidarity of the beautiful island, the largest of the Antilles.

We know the road is long and it is trodden with injustice and cruelty, our enemy to the north, insatiable in his desire to destroy our beautiful and human work, does not cease to show signs of constant siege, to impose sanctions and to intensify an unjustifiable and ill-intentioned blockade, that damages our economy and our people every day.

The US government knows that on the Caribbean island there is an army of Caguairans, unwavering, who love their homeland and defend it and will always defend it together in a compact mass that will never allow itself to be penetrated.

We are the continuity of the dignity and prestige of our heroes who fought for freedom and sovereignty.

We are Cuba alive. We are the country that has been determined to resist and defeat the sieges and the most cruel and perverse attacks.

We will continue living, resisting, creating, saving lives and winning.

Long live the Cuban Revolution!

(*) Professor and collaborator of the Cuban Medical Brigade in the Gambia