President of Cuba calls to welcome 2022 with hope and joy

Havana, Dec 12 (RHC) The president of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, called to welcome the new year with hope, “we are going to open 2022 with joy, because we can recover, based on everything we have achieved and of everything we have planned”, he asserted.

The dignitary shared that certainty with the highest authorities of the country, during a meeting of the temporary working group for the prevention and control of the new coronavirus, where the actions that have been designed for the upcoming festivities were also analyzed.

«There are enough political motivations, enough experiences of a hard year, which allow us to celebrate a new anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution, the coming January 1, with a concept of victory,» emphasized the head of state.

He stressed that the victory lies, fundamentally, in the fact of having faced and controlled the pandemic, in which a great merit corresponds to the vaccines.

«Despite the measures to intensify the blockade, the Revolution continues,» he stressed.

Díaz-Canel insisted that among the many activities that have been designed in the country for the festivities, the support for the most vulnerable must stand out.

Likewise, he highlighted the need to continue work in the neighborhoods and prioritize actions in the territories in order to increase supplies and lower prices.

He also drew attention to activities aimed at young people and children. The latter – he said – have been under tremendous stress, isolated, subjected only to the rigors of family life, and now they can have a moment of relaxation, of joy, with a group of activities designed for them.

“Our young people also saw their possibilities of enjoyment limited and they deserve to take them up again. And above all they deserve recognition for the role they have played and the way in which they joined together with the people to confront COVID-19: in the red zone, helping the vulnerable, in internationalist missions, and in the entire defense battle of the Revolution, ”he added.

«We are going to the 63rd anniversary of a Revolution that is young and will continue to be young,» emphasized the president.