Conference on African and Afro-American Culture In Cuba

Havana, Apr 12 (ACN) With a look at the imprint of the so-called black continent, the 20th International Conference on African and Afro-American Culture began this Tuesday in the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba, and will be in session until the 16th.

Camilo Sigas, communicator of the Fernando Ortiz African Cultural Center, reported that with the theme of gender, race and identity, the meeting aims to open a space for multidisciplinary reflection with specialists, scholars and those interested in these issues.

As he detailed, four work commissions will promote the exchange on the socio-racial influence in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean from history, ethnology, linguistics, religion and artistic manifestations.

He highlighted the holding of the Medicine Symposium dedicated to the relations between this science and intercultural contacts during internationalist missions and the Africa in the 21st century panel with the participation of representatives of the African diplomatic corps in Cuba.

He mentioned that the program also includes book presentations, documentary screenings and a conference by specialists from the Aponte commission of the Union of Cuban Writers and Artists (Uneac).

This meeting is sponsored by the Fernando Ortiz African Cultural Center, the Rómulo Lachataneré Chair of Afro-Caribbean Studies, the authorities of the province of Santiago de Cuba, and the Universidad de Oriente.

The international conference has the objective of promoting and disseminating the values ​​of African, Latin American and Caribbean culture, as well as focusing on its most relevant aspects and expressing them from a universal perspective.