The Gambia and Cuba, forever grateful

Banjul, March 29th. – The Gambia and Cuba, two countries twinned by solidarity and their historical roots, do not stop thanking each other when their respective nationals hold a meeting anywhere in this West African nation.

This was revealed, as happens every day, in a visit made this Monday to the Kanifing Hospital, the second most important in Banjul, by the Caribbean island’s ambassador here, Rubén G. Abelenda, who was accompanied by the head of the Medical Brigade (CMB), Dr. Anaris Martha Odio, and the young Dr. Elexei Ramírez López, head of the group of Cuban health professionals who provide their services in that care center.

First in a meeting with its executives, led by the general manager, Kebba Manneh, and the administrative director, Baboucar Saine, and then in a tour of its facilities, we did not stop hearing from our hosts the gratitude to the doctors, graduates and technicians of the largest of the Antilles for the humanitarian work they carry out there.

They highlighted the discipline and professionalism of the members of the BMC, in addition to their cordiality and respect towards their Gambian colleagues, with whom they make up an exceptional work team, they said.

They showed their eternal gratitude to Cuba for being on the side of the Gambians and Africans since their struggles against neocolonialism until today, despite the island being besieged by an unjust blockade that has lasted for more than 60 years.

On his part, Ambassador Abelenda assured that his country will be present with his collaborators in this hospitable and friendly nation, whenever his people and government need him.

He affirmed that Cuba will never abandon this continent, with or without a US blockade, because as the historical leader Fidel Castro said, with Africa we have a historical debt that we will never be able to pay off.

The diplomat recalled that many Africans who were brought to his country as slaves fought and shed their blood in the independence wars waged in the Antillean archipelago against colonialism in the 19th century.

He affirmed that the mutual gratitude between Cuba and the Gambia, and sister Africa, will continue to be so forever.