Cuba assumes presidency of the UN Disarmament Conference in defense of a world of justice and peace

Geneva, March 22.- Cuba defended today at this UN headquarters the search for a world of justice, dignity and peace, which it considered possible if the prevailing unjust and undemocratic global order is changed, and international cooperation prevails.

In view of this goal, the island’s First Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gerardo Peñalver, also demanded strict respect for the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations and International Law, by intervening in the installation of the presidency of Cuba of the Conference on Disarmament.

“As a small, insular, developing country that has resisted all kinds of sieges, threats, including military aggression, unconventional warfare, and a brutal economic, commercial, and financial blockade for more than six decades, we sign and we vigorously support the principles and norms of International Law and defend peace in all circumstances”, he stressed.

Peñalver also ratified the unambiguous opposition of the Antillean nation to the use or threat of use of force against any State.

Regarding the current crisis in Europe, the senior official stated that Cuba will continue to advocate for a serious, constructive and realistic diplomatic solution, by peaceful means, that guarantees the security and sovereignty of all, as well as peace, stability and security. regional and international.

The determination of the United States to continue the progressive expansion of NATO towards the borders of Russia has led to a scenario with implications of unpredictable scope, which could have been avoided if the well-founded claims for security guarantees of that country had been seriously and respectfully addressed. , he specified.

According to the First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, humanity is experiencing a challenging and complex situation, marked by the devastating impact of the covid-19 pandemic, which has deepened structural inequalities and catalyzed a multidimensional global crisis.

In his voice, Cuba warned in Geneva that threats to international peace and security are growing, conflicts are increasing and unjust and illegal sanctions and unilateral coercive measures are being imposed against developing countries.

Likewise, he denounced that the survival of the human species is compromised with irrational patterns of production and consumption, and an arms race is increasing exponentially in which the resources that should be allocated to sustainable development and to achieving the desired global immunization against covid are being squandered. -19.

“Multilateralism faces enormous challenges. In this context, the role of the United Nations, international cooperation and the peaceful settlement of disputes, are increasingly relevant,» Peñalver said.

The senior official stressed that the eradication of deadly devices of mass destruction is and must continue to be the highest priority in the field of disarmament and the Conference.

This is the only guarantee against the use or threat of use of nuclear weapons, said Peñalver, who advocated a process of total elimination materialized in a transparent, verifiable and irreversible manner.

We express deep concern and alarm at the latent danger of a nuclear conflagration, from which no nation will escape its devastating effects, he warned.

In this sense, the First Deputy Foreign Minister described as encouraging the decision to reactivate the work of the Conference on Disarmament, as a key component of the United Nations disarmament machinery.

«It is now necessary to fulfill its negotiating mandate, ensure its vitality and preserve its procedures and practices,» he called at the forum.

According to Peñalver, Cuba is convinced that the Conference has the capacity to simultaneously negotiate important norms to prevent and protect humanity from danger.

In this regard, he mentioned a legally binding instrument that prohibits the arms race in outer space; another that provides security guarantees for States that, like Cuba, do not possess nuclear weapons; and a third, that prohibits the production of fissile material for the manufacture of nuclear weapons or other devices of the same nature.

In his speech, he also ratified the island’s commitment to promoting the universalization of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, which he considered a materialization of the humanistic thought of the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro.

We are proud to be the fifth State to ratify it, to integrate the first Nuclear Weapons Free Zone in a densely populated area of ​​the planet and to belong to the first region in the world proclaimed as a Zone of Peace, he affirmed in reference to the position of Latin America and the Caribbean.

The UN Conference on Disarmament, made up of 65 member states, was mandated by the General Assembly, since 1978, as the only multilateral negotiating forum in the field of disarmament.