In The Gambia assisting those in need is our passion, and saving lives a great satisfaction

By MSc. Maria Ines Alvarez Garay (*)

Banjul, March 1st.- The Gambian people are grateful for every moment lived alongside the Cuban doctors because there are many sufferings relieved and lives saved for more than 25 years throughout this African nation.

We are not tired, we continue to help these brothers with dedication and responsability, getting the best of our altruistic hearts and our supportive formation.

At the Kanifing hospital, a group of leading doctors from the largest of the Antilles, together with Gambian colleagues, assisted a girl with an increase in volume in the right lateral region of the neck, for about 3 years, and it was progressively increasing in size. .

She was diagnosed with a giant tumor of the right submandibular gland, in a maxillofacial consultation.

Surgical intervention with cervical incision and exceresis was performed.

The surgery was successful and the patient is progressing satisfactorily.

The team was made up of Dr. Roilan Nieblas Chávez, specialist in maxillofacial surgery, Dr. Gleidys Acosta, general surgeon, Dr. Jorge Humberto Díaz Rodríguez, anesthesiologist, Lic. Luis Eladio Germán, anesthesia technician and Abbas a Gambian scrub nurse.

Helping those in need and saving lives has been the passion and satisfaction of all Cuban health professionals who have provided their services in this small West African country for more than two decades.

Our commitment to the people of the Gambia and to Fidel Eternal is ever deeper. The more the United States government insists on discrediting the work of the Cuban medical brigades and intensifying the blockade against the Caribbean island, the stronger and more creative we are, and we will not stop fighting for health and a better and fairer life for all.

Congratulations compatriots!

Regarding you, Fidel affirmed: «… you express the purity, selflessness, spirit of solidarity and internationalist consciousness that the revolution has forged in our people.»

(*) Professor and collaborator of the Medical Brigade in the Gambia