Congratulations to Cuban teachers in the Gambia for the successful fulfillment of their mission

By Maria Ines Alvarez Garay (*)

Banjul, Feb 24th. – The Cuban professors of the Gambian Medical Faculty analyzed the development of the educational teaching process and the results of the period that frames the months of September of last year to date.

They currently have 78 medical students who will soon take their professional examination, two nursing groups specializing in anesthesia and obstetrics, and a physiotherapy group. Those already examined reached a promotion of 100%.

This staff of teachers of the Cuban Medical Brigade (BMC) have worked with much love together with their Gambian colleagues, offering their knowledge at the service of young people thirsty for knowledge, always putting high the achievements of the Revolution of the largest of the Antilles, and its principles of solidarity and humanism.

The University located in this capital abides by the regulations of West Africa, an educational organization of great international prestige, which has been able to recognize the high scientific degree of the teachers of the Caribbean island, and the work they have done in this African western nation.

Today a group of teachers who successfully completes their mission in this sister country is saying goodbye.

We appreciate their dedication and the professionalism with which they have worked, and we congratulate them for their results together with their coordinator, Dr. Rebeca Lahera Cabrales.

We are proud to have shared with a group of high scientific level and excellent pedagogical mastery, who have daily demonstrated what our eternal historical leader Fidel Castro expressed: «The teacher is the soul of the Revolution.»

Fidel was precisely one of the promoters of the Gambian Faculty of Medicine created in 1998, and in which young people from other nations of the African continent also study.

(*) Professor and collaborator of the Cuban Medical Brigade in Gambia