Cuban Foreign Minister denounces inequity between rich and poor countries in the face of a pandemic

Havana, Jan 13 (Agencies) the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cuba, Bruno Rodríguez, denounced the prevailing inequality worldwide between poor and rich countries in the confrontation with the Covid-19 pandemic.

In his account of on social network Twitter, the chancellor affirmed, appealing to official data collected by the Oxford University site Our World in data, that “to date, only 9.5 percent of people in low-income countries received at least one dose of some vaccine against Covid-19”.

He added that, «as long as inequality, selfishness and petty interests prevail, we will be far from the end of the pandemic.»

The expressions of the Cuban minister coincide with the statements of senior executives of the World Health Organization, regarding the existing inequality in access to vaccines to face the health crisis caused by the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, which prevents an effective recovery globally.

In the case of this Caribbean Nation, despite its limited economic resources and the United States’ blockade policy, exacerbated even in the midst of the pandemic, its scientific staff managed to develop their own immunogens.

These make it possible to place Cuba among the first places in the world in the number of vaccinated people, as well as to provide aid to other nations.

Data from the Ministry of Public Health indicate that more than nine million Cubans (86.9 percent of a population of approximately more than 11 million 180 thousand inhabitants) completed the scheme with three doses of the injectable Abdala, or two doses of Soberana 02 and one of Soberana Plus, at the end of the 9th of this month.

With these figures, the largest island of the Antilles leads the world in vaccination in the index per 100 inhabitants, with 31 million 689 thousand 558 doses of its vaccines applied, an average of 272.95 according to Our World in Data.