Fidel: the science of example

By Patricio Montesinos.

Because of its qualities and because it is the science of example, as described by a great friend of Cuba, Fidel continues to be accompanied by millions of his countrymen in the construction and resistance of the Revolution of January 1, 1959, and in his eternal desire that a better world is possible.

I heard a Cuban in Madrid say some years ago that Fidel Castro represents the unity of his compatriots, which he forged with his inestimable example.

Fidel is one of those exceptional men of the present, of the future and of history in which humanism, solidarity, unlimited courage, unquestionable leadership, proven ability as a political and military strategist, colossal ideas, as well as being one of the greatest paradigms of Cuba and of all the peoples of the world.

He was never awarded a Nobel Prize, nor did he need it, because he will always have the recognition and admiration of the most deprived human beings, those who constitute the vast majority of the inhabitants of our planet.

His convictions and principles, and his acting in correspondence with them with his well-known guerrilla spirit, without ever yielding an iota, oblige his few but powerful enemies to respect him, and even fear the force of ideas.

Not a few of his adversaries preferred to avoid approaching Fidel to escape his vigorous power of conviction, and those who tried to assassinate him, in more than 600 frustrated attacks, lacked what was left over by the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution: Courage and Dignity.

From the beginning of his struggles for the true independence of Cuba, and for the just causes of Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and other regions of the world, Fidel was always in the first trench, sparing no risks for his life, commendable efforts and permanent dedication.

The volume of his battles in defense of his own and the poor of this land in innumerable scenarios, both political, diplomatic and military, will be very difficult to match, and for many it is a record that can never be surpassed.

Fidel is not and will not be absent in a single event in which his immortal presence means encouragement and hope for his people and humanity.

His legacy has the virtue of turning afflictions into true triumphs, and his promises and omens comes true because of his long eyesight, perseverance, intelligence, tenacity, and that permanent fidelity that lives up to his name.

His word, his exceptional pen and his precepts have been and will be his main teaching and alert weapons, in addition to putting the powerful oppressors of peoples and enemies of peace in their proper place. sovereignty and independence.

Of course, because of these qualities and because it is the Science of Example, as the Cuban friend described it, Fidel will continue to be accompanied by millions of his countrymen in the construction and resistance of the Revolution of January 1, 1959, and in his dream that a better world is possible.

On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of his physical departure, November 25, the Commander-in-Chief lives today more than ever.

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