Reason is and always will be our shield

Declaration by the International Relations Commission of the
National Assembly of the People’s Power of Cuba

Once again, the European Parliament has fulfilled the sad role of
hostage to a small group of MEPs of the far right, obsessed with
destroying the Cuban revolution, who have known links to Miami based organizations funded by Washington.

The spurious and interventionist resolution that has just been
passed by the Parliament undermines this institution’s credibility
and reflects the double standards it applies to our country. This
body clearly has no intention of cooperating or entering into
dialogue, or of showing the slightest respect for Cuba as a free,
independent and sovereign country.

We reiterate our emphatic rejection of this ill-conceived measure
promoted by the more extremist representatives of the Spanish
Partido Popular and Vox political groupings, who have no moral
authority whatever to pass judgment on Cuba and have imported
their belligerent internal politics against that country’s present
executive, to the European Parliament.

In response to the violent, vulgar, neofascist rhetoric of this
minority faction of MEPs, decent voices were raised to tell the truth
about Cuba and label this action as one of hypocrisy. They
referred to Washington’s blockade as the most flagrant violation of
the human rights of the Cuban people and demanded its
elimination, while defending the development of a respectful and
constructive relationship between Cuba and the EU.

A resolution such as this, tainted with double standards, does not
worry us unduly. We, Cuba’s legislators, together with the people,
of which we are an inseparable part and to whom we owe our duty,
are working to strengthen the legislative structure of our nation,
prioritizing the full enjoyment of human rights by everyone.

In Cuba, culture is within everyone’s reach; the state maintains
increasingly comprehensive access by the people to all its
manifestations. Cuban medical cooperation, which has also
benefited European countries, is a paradigm of the projection of
the Revolution abroad, based on the principle enunciated by José
Martí that “Homeland is humanity”.

The campaigns waged by our enemies and their lackeys fail when
confronted by the will of our people to continue advancing, united,
in the building of a society ever more just and democratic.
Reason is and always will be our shield.

International Relations Commission of the National Assembly
of the People’s Power of Cuba.

Havana, 10 June 2021.