One of the greatest milestones in the history of Cuba

By: MSc. María Inés Álvarez Garay (*)

On January 1st, 1959, Fidel entered Santiago de Cuba, after 6 years of the assault on the Moncada barracks, hundreds of battles in the mountains and in the plain were left behind in the glorious pages of history, unforgettable martyrs, but finally the popular victory was definitely reached.

A few hours later, Raúl Castro took over the Moncada Barracks. That day Fidel gave an important address to the people of Santiago:

(…) The road has been hard and long, but we have arrived (…) This time the Revolution will not be frustrated. This time, fortunately for Cuba, the Revolution will really come to an end; It will not be like in ’95, when the Americans came and took over the country (…) it will not be like in ’33, when the people began to believe that the revolution was taking place, Mr. Batista came, he betrayed the revolution, seized power and established a fierce dictatorship; It will not be like in 44, the year in which the crowds were inflamed believing that at last the people had come to power, and those who came to power were thieves. Neither thieves, nor traitors, nor interventionists, this time it is a revolution (…)

That bright morning in which with shouts, shots in the air and songs they received the revolutionaries, the people showed signs of joy. The notes of the National Anthem or the March of July 26th were sung. Cuba was happy, because a new era was opening that restored freedom, sovereignty, allowed access to health and education, while elevating the dignity of all its inhabitants.

After more than six decades of that epic, the people of the largest of the Antilles are celebrating their 62nd anniversary today and continuing their steps towards a better future, defending their revolutionary conquests and collapsing each of the obstacles that the Government of the United States interposes every day with its dirty policy of lies and injustice.

Nothing will stop the course of history, neither the blockade, nor discrediting hoaxes will extinguish the brilliance of a people that has known how to fight for its principles, for its freedom and its sovereignty.

From the Gambia, in West Africa, the Cuban Medical Brigade, reaffirms its unconditional support to our people, to our president, Miguel Diaz-Canel, and to our Revolution, and is committed to following the path of solidarity and altruism, saving lives, restoring health, alleviating suffering, with dignity, dedication, and unconditionality.

With all our patriot blood we reaffirm the words of our beloved Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz: 

«(…) our path is a single path: a path of dignity, a path of patriotism, of national decorum, of defense of our sovereignty, of defense of our interests, of defense of our freedoms. That is the only path «.

That is why on these dates we always say: Long live Cuba in freedom! Long live the Cuban Revolution!

Long live our Commander in Chief Fidel Castro forever, in the memory and hearts of all Cubans!

(*) Professor and collaborator of the Medical Brigade in Gambia