Cuban Medical Teachers Celebrated Educator’s Day In The Gambia

The university professors of medicine of the Cuban Medical Brigade (BMC) in Gambia celebrated on Tuesday  the Educator’s Day of their country with a beautiful activity in which they remembered great teachers of the largest of the Antilles, especially the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro and the National Hero, José Martí.

The commemoration took place at the Banjul University School of Medicine, created by Fidel’s idea 23 years ago, and where Caribbean teachers train future generations of doctors and health professionals from this West African nation.

Acknowledgments to the teachers for their solidarity and humanist work, performances by Gambian artists and members of the BMC themselves, music, poetry and humorous skits marked the activity for this December 22, 59th anniversary of the proclamation of Cuba as a Free Territory of Illiteracy, made by the historical leader of your Revolution.

An emotional video was also screened in which the teachers, and their manager, Dr. Rebeca Lahera Cabrales, recounted their experiences as medical teachers in the Gambia, Cuba and other nations.

Present at the celebration were the head of the BMC, Dr. Anaris Odio, the Cuban ambassador Rubén G, Abelenda, the members of the Board of Directors of the State Mission of the island here, and the experienced and much loved Gambian community teacher Dr. Adama KM Demba.

Ambassador Abelenda, who was in charge of the closing remarks of the commemoration, highlighted the humanist work of the educators of his country, and especially those who teach in other sister lands, fulfilling the sacred duty of bringing knowledge to all the corners of the world.

He also praised the work of the BMC teachers in The Gambia, who despite the Covid-19 pandemic did not interrupt their classes by teaching them online.

He assured that his country will continue to collaborate in the training of young Africans, and affirmed that the most recent example of this is the granting a few hours ago of two free scholarships for Gambian doctors to study in the largest of the Antilles the specialties of intensives and gynecology .

(From The Voice newspaper)