They say that men don’t cry, but for you Fidel we do cry

By Rubén G. Abelenda

As it approaches every November 25th , it is inevitable that the eyes of millions of human beings in this world shed tears at the memory of the physical departure of one of the giants in human history: Fidel Castro.

Men do cry Fidel, when we remember you every day, when we miss you every day, when we see your images everywhere, when we live difficult moments, when we are far from the Homeland that you forged with your example, courage and dignity.

I remember that November 25th, 2016 as the saddest day of my life because you were leaving, and as that beautiful lyrics by singer-songwriter Raúl Torres dedicated to you says, every Cuban exclaimed:… ”my father, don’t let go of my hand, I still can’t walk fine without you.

A colleague friend then narrated: Cuba fell silent, a total silence seized the night and the following days most afflicted in the history of the largest of the Antilles, after the announcement of the death of the Commander in Chief made by Army General Raúl Castro, his loyal brother and revolutionary.

Dismayed, Cubans transmitted the news to each other, while innumerable messages of condolence reached the island of dignity from all corners of planet earth, wrote my colleague

In his same text he stated: From now on, surely the sun will never rise again in the Caribbean nation as when you appeared with that tireless warrior gait, but you will know how to illuminate it with your ideas, thoughts and reflections wherever you are.

And then he augured: Cubans and the world will miss your presence, but you will always be in their hearts, and Fidel is Fidel will be repeated ad infinitum.

And that’s how it has been Commander-in-Chief throughout these complex four years, during which we have been more blocked, more attacked, as well as damaged by hurricanes and tornadoes, and today faced with a deadly pandemic.

But at the same time, Fidel, our people have grown, they have been more supportive, firmer, more resistant, more altruistic, as you well taught them with your actions and your vision of the future.

Men do cry our Father, also of pride, when in the most remote and dark places on earth we hear a Viva Fidel !, or that thanks to you and your compatriots the African continent achieved its independence, and its peoples are served today by our health professionals, as they do in other regions.

You are our altar, and of course we will always put candles for you, even if you don’t need them because with your own light you illuminate our island and the universe.