Cuban doctors in the Gambia pay tribute to Fidel with solidarity and a humane day

Banjul, Nov 21.- The Cuban Medical Brigade (BMC) in The Gambia today paid tribute to the historical leader of its Revolution, Fidel Castro, with a special day of assistance to community health in the town of Pirang, about 50 kilometers from this capital.

Upon their arrival in Pirang, a group of CMB members who regularly provide their services in the central hospitals of Kanifing and Banjul, were surprised by a beautiful welcome featuring around two hundred villagers, men, women, the elderly and children. who carried posters with the image of the Commander in Chief that read «Gambia and Cuba, love and health», and in others «Welcome Doctors, You are the Heroes.

Between applause and cheers, moving were the words of the local traditional authorities, who in a brief act at the beginning of the day thanked the eternal solidarity of Fidel and his people with Africa, and in particular with this nation.

For their part, the head of the CMB, Anaris Martha Odio, and the ambassador of the Greater Antilles in Gambia, Rubén G. Abelenda, expressed to their hosts that the greatest tribute to Fidel, on the fourth anniversary of his Physical disappearance, the coming November 25th, is to provide health and to be better human beings every day.

Subsequently, the doctors of the Caribbean island began consultations in different specialties: pediatrics, , endocrinology, odontology, internal medicine and general medicine, among others, and treated more than 200 patients during several hours of work.

Those who needed medicine for their ailments were given free of charge thanks to a donation from the Spanish association “Amigos de Gambia”.

The solidarity day of care, which was supported by the organization Develop The Youth Heritage Pirang, headed by the young friend of Cuba Ebrima Jaiteh, was truly an unforgettable tribute to Fidel, who will live forever in the hearts of millions of Africans.