Conscientious guardians of health

Written by MSc. María Inés Álvarez Garay (*)

A July 26th of glory in this African land, and what better tribute to its people than to offer them health, life and much love.

Members of the Cuban Medical Brigade (BMC) in The Gambia do not give up on death, their daily work, their love for the profession they sacredly practice, their uncontrolled passion to save lives, alleviate suffering, prevent disease, makes today, in the midst of the global health situation , have become the most conscientious guardians of this generous, selfless and grateful African population.

Young people are playing a decisive role, they are the living reflection of that youth that elevates their profession, their love and their ethics to the highest levels.

Our dear eternal Fidel said:

«Glory to that youth, to the new life-savers, who elevate the noble profession of physicians, to the highest levels of consecration and ethics the world has ever known.»

We have the immense pleasure of having a talented Angiologist, who comes to The Gambia, after the medical collaboration began more than 20 years ago, and it is she who, for the first time, provides these much-needed services for the inhabitants of this land of Africa western.

Dr. Liliana Rivera Torres, a young Cuban woman who has won all the love of the patients she saved from death or the loss of a limb.

In this historic month, our Dr. started the arteriovenous fistula surgical program.

In these days of hard work for having started the surgical program for arteriovenous fistulas, Lili as we affectionately call her, received an emergency call, it was the patient Jarra Drammeh, 45 years old, with the diagnosis of Chronic Kidney Disease, with a brachiocephalic arteriovenous fistula, a surgical connection between an artery and a vein, with the aim of performing a successful hemodialysis.

She comes to the emergency room with profuse bleeding, coming from an anastomotic fistula aneurysm, hypovolemic and with considerable loss of blood.

He immediately moved to the operating room, proceeded to perform an aneurysmectomy with repair of the artery and proximal and distal ligation of the vein, this operation is one of the most complex of vascular surgery, with a high mortality rate, due tothe massivebleeding it causes.

Today we can enjoy having conquered death and returning a patient to life, with her viable limb to continue with her daily life, a totally successful operation.

This pathology has already claimed many lives, the mortality rate from this cause, so far, has been very high. The patients died or traveled to Dakar, the capital of Senegal, more than 350 kilometers from Banjul, to be assisted.

A week later, our lucky Jarra is discharged, eternally grateful to this young and talented doctor, who has done nothing but fulfill her duty and her instincts as a warrior for life.

Jarra, transmits us all the gratitude that she keeps in her heart for the Cuban doctors, the anesthetist Virginia Lamoth Quiala, the Gambian doctor Issac Jabang and especially for her angiologist Liliana. Together they formed an invincible, dexterous and self-sacrificing team that gave this Gambian woman the right to life.

In a voice message to Dr. Liliana the patient, verbatim, expressed:

«Good evening, Doctor Lia. How are you? Thank you very much. I do not know how to thank you. May God bless youmay our god continue to bless you. Thank you very, very much, thank you very much. See you tomorrow, if God wills (Insha’Allah)».

Dr. Rivera expresses with great satisfaction that nothing is more rewarding for a professional than the affection of a grateful patient.

Liliana, we trust you, this is our best tribute to July 26th, a glorious date for all Cubans.

Fidel expressed:

….. «The most important thing will have to be their total consecration to the noblest and most humane of trades: saving lives and preserving health. More than doctors, they will beConscientiousguardians of the most precious thing of the human being; apostles and creators of a more humane world. «

We trust you and we have the conviction that you will be better professionals every day.

(*) Collaborators of the Cuban Medical Brigade in Gambia.